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Joshua Browning

Joshua Browning

Sound/Video Department

Working in audio for nearly twenty years and schooled in Europe, Joshua’s broad skill set is his calling card. In addition to doing audio gathering for major television/ documentary outlets like Fox Sports, The Discovery Channel, and ESPN 30 for 30, Joshua is regularly called upon to work as an editor and DIT for entities like Hint Productions and the forthcoming television show Those Girls. He also developed and directed the music video Blind Tiger for Mello Music Group artist Stik Figa, which was picked up by Complex.com and viewed more than 50,000 times. Though focused more on video production now, he has a long history in music, having engineered and produced well over 300 albums for national and international acts.

Danny Bowersox

Danny Bowersox

Sound Department

With a degree in audio engineering and a long history in music, Danny brings an expert ear to on-set audio and audio post-production. A number of years working as a recording/ mixing engineer for musical acts like Your Friend (Domino Records), Cowboy Indian Bear (The Record Machine), and his own Spirit Is the Spirit gives Danny the technical know-how and experience level to bring quality and professionalism to any shoot, voiceover/ radio spot, or audio sweetening session.

Matt Lepley

Matt Lepley

Video Department

A master of all things computer, Matt will be heading up 7L7’s forthcoming app development service as well as a number of other projects. He is also a damn fine video editor and has done numerous performances involving live video manipulation. In addition to all this, Matt is a trained concert percussionist and is called upon regularly to contribute during original music composition sessions. As a bonus, Matt is an international TaeKwon-Do champion.

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”JAZZBO” - The One Man Band

JAZZBO - The One Man Band created by Brigade Visual Support with audio production from 7L7

L'Orange & Stik Figa - "Blind Tiger”

EnergyWorksKC - "Drop”

EnergyWorksKC: "Drop" from The Feral Few with original music & post-production sound design from 7L7

Free People Presents: Zella Day

LMC Truck // Nate Boyer

LMC Truck//Nate Boyer from Northpass Media on Vimeo.

Being Dwyer - MLS Insider Presented by adidas

MLB On Fox - All About That BASE

MLB On Fox - All About That BASE from Ryan Little on Vimeo.